Eyelash Extension Certification

Skiins Beauty Lash Training Certification course in Calgary is delivered by skilled Skiins Beauty lash specialists, who have a wealth of experience and will provide you or your staff with skill and confidence to qualify as capable and proficient eyelash extension artists.

Skiins Beauty Lash Training Certification course is a 2-part course at our training center and various off-site locations. The course combines a good balance of essential theory with intricate practical application. Following the completion of the course and demonstrated ability, you will receive your lash artist certification. Please note we teach the technique and practical application of Classic, Hybrid and Full Volume lash extensions. 

Floral Wreath 4
Floral Wreath 4

Students of the Skiins Beauty Lash Training course will receive a training manual and a Skiins Lash Kit that includes:

  • A lash case to hold all supplies

  • 1x straight tweezers and 1x curved tweezers

  • 10ml bottle of glue

  • 1x 10mm case of mink lashes and 1x 12mm case of mink lashes

  • 1x box of lint-free under-eye patches

  • Lash extension remover

  • Mascara and microfiber wands

  • Skin tape

  • Scissors

  • Bi-focal glasses

  • Glue rings

  • Bottle of lash primer

  • Headband

  • Lash serum/sealant

Support Service During and After Certification

Skiins Beauty Lash specialists assure that the quality of instruction will become the basis of your progress towards becoming a proficient eyelash extension artist. Our Skiins team provides an excellent support service to answer any of your technical questions during and after certification.

Tuition cost: $1299

Note: Your own model is required for part 2 of the course.

For more information about the Skiins Beauty Lash Training course or to register for the next available class, please contact our office.