Eyelash Extensions

Don't like to leave home without mascara? Lash extensions are a great alternative to the hassle of putting on and removing mascara every day. They are also a perfect way to make your eyes pop for those special occasions where you want to stand out and look your best, like your wedding day or holiday photos. Set your sights on Skiins Beauty for the long, full eyelash look you’ve always wanted.

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Full Set - $150
Fills (Within 3 Weeks) - $80
Fills (3 to 4 Weeks) - $100

4 Mink Fills Package - $275 (comes with complimentary Volume 2D+)

When it comes to mink eyelashes, what’s not to love? Most people prefer them for their ability to feel exactly like your natural lashes, while giving you the fullest and fluffiest eyelashes. They also last longer than silk lashes!

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Full Set - $180
Fills (Within 3 Weeks) - $90
Fills (3 to 4 Weeks) - $120


Volume is the best option if you want to make the boldest statement while taking your volume to the max. Unlike other types of eyelash extensions, these lashes are superfine and incredibly light so anywhere from 2 to 6 lashes can be applied to each natural lash. This means that they also last longer due to their light weight and the amount of lashes applied, while producing stunning results.



Full Set - $120
Fills (Within 3 Weeks) - $60
Fills (3 to 4 Weeks) - $80

As the softest version of synthetic extensions available, silk eyelash extensions are meant to look very natural. These lashes are lighter weight, and are a good match for those whose own lashes are weak or fine. Silk glamour sets also tend to be to most popular option among brides!

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If you’re ready to put down the mascara wand, call our salon in Calgary for a natural or a fuller, more eye-brightening look today!